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Year-on-year, increases in drinking out spend was found in London and south east households, where it rose by £9 (22%), closely followed by an £8 (20%) increase among households without children.


The over-55s are the most rooted in their traditions – although happy to experiment with new foods, they are less open to the idea of new drinks.

Roast turkey with all the trimmings is still beloved by punters at Christmas but now customers are more adventurous and expect greater choice and new options on their Christmas menus.” Healthy eating cafe and restaurant company Filmore & Union is gearing up for expansion in 2017 with the appointment of Mike Kendall-Smith as finance director.



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    That is why I created this clothing guide that shows which clothing had a heart or a star next to it. To get to each city, you must pay for public transportation.

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    Some of the free adult chat services require a credit card, even though they claim it is only for age verification, and you will not be charged, sometimes "during free trial" in small print.

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