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Sociological studies have shown that individuals from similar backgrounds have a better chance of having a happy marriage.When parents arrange a marriage for their children, they are likely to focus on areas of mutual compatibility other than sexual attraction, which can fade over time.Royalty and nobility typically arranged marriages between their children and the children of other royal and noble houses for political reasons, such as to ensure peace or solidify agreements between nations.A family with significant wealth and property might also encourage its children to marry others with similar or greater amounts of money to maintain the same level of wealth.While often associated with cultures in the Middle East, Africa, and India, these arrangements are not unknown in Western countries, particularly among immigrant populations.Religious or cultural issues, preservation of wealth, or the formation of political alliances are common reasons for arranged marriages.If both families are comfortable with the information provided, they may choose to investigate the possibility of arranging a union.While some families may arrange a marriage in which the spouses don’t meet until their wedding day, many communities discourage this practice.

Friends or family members may also take it upon themselves to make introductions.Those families with high social standing but little money, on the other hand, might arrange a marriage to a wealthy person of lower social status; such a marriage could stabilize the noble family's finances while raising the social status of the lower-ranking family.Supporters of arranged marriage often claim that parents usually have a good understanding of what will give their children long-term happiness, making them ideal candidates for choosing the child's spouse.Families want to make sure that new spouses will make suitable family members, and the best way to ensure compatibility is to be involved in the process of choosing the spouse.

Historically, families often negotiated marriages to reinforce political alliances or to consolidate wealth.Instead, a man and a woman are encouraged to get to know each other before an engagement or wedding.


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