Automatically updating files in windows me and xp file share

We’ll call the batch file xcopylist.bat; its one line of content is below.Change c:\temp\ to whatever path you want the files copied to.A simple file copy won’t work because there may be files in the source folders which should not be copied.Sample content of the text file is: The solution to this is to make a simple batch file that parses the content of the text file, generating the appropriate xcopy command to copy the file.The same holds true for the other multiline commands in this article.) So far, so good.Now save this command line in a batch file—named, for example, google1.cmd—and run it at a command prompt.

Put the file list in the same directory as the batch file and name the file list You’ve got to love the for command, which lets you (among other things) parse text files and use the line-by-line output.

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Another trick in here is the output parser pipe, which allows us to automatically press the “D” key with each xcopy command.

Note: The batch file overwrites files in the destination automatically.

However, the command shell's treatment of certain common URL characters, such as the percent sign (%), can make batch files containing URLs fail, even though the commands you use will work fine if you type or paste them at a command prompt.


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