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She thinks comic roles have helped her become a better actor: 'No actor can be a complete artist without trying his/her hand at comic roles.' This is perhaps one of the reasons for the popularity of her character as Dr Ishita.' As far as Dr Ishita is concerned, she worked hard to get herself into this character.

For the Tamil character, she listened to the Tamil diction attentively and adopted the style in her spoken Hindi.

Success and celebrity status have not changed her - she still retains her intrinsic simplicity and spontaneous smile. Her mother (currently in tinsel town to seek treatment for her foot pain), accompanied her.

Clearly, 30-year-old Divyanka inherited her good looks from her mother.

She got her first break in a telefilm that was aired on Sahara One.

Next, she bagged Zee TV's Banu Main Teri Dulhan (on the basis of her role in the telefilm), which turned her into a small screen star overnight.


Also read: Ishima planned the sweetest birthday surprise for Ruhi CHILDHOOD MEMORIESGentle and demure Divyanka claims that as a child she was a tomboy. Divyanka's father was associated with NCC, so she joined it too. She still harbours a love for adventurous activities.

Success came through sheer determination but she only grasped the fact that she had become a big star when she went to London for a programme; she was overwhelmed to see thousands of excited fans.

Her elder sister, Priyanka, who was with her, had to pinch her to make her believe that stardom has really happened.

Even though clad in jeans and a shirt, Divyanka looks every bit of Dr Ishita (her character in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein) wrapped in a Kanjeevaram saree on the television screen.

Barring dress and makeup, her demeanour during the chat was the same as the popular character she is playing - gentle, polite, happy and practical.Divyanka went on to star in Ye Hai Mohabbatein with some comedy shows thrown in between..they say, rest is history.


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