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Shasta in California, is a much different track, a folkish song that highlights the band’s diverse influences including The Avett Brothers, The Oh Hellos, Bird Dog, Grateful Dead, and Wilco.A multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, and producer, Maria has narrowed his sound into a splashy psychedelic blend of folk, glam rock and garage rock.His talents as an artist set him apart from many of his DIY contemporaries. The rebel-rousing, addictive, “Let It On,” from his new self-titled EP, reminds us of something like Bowie, T., and count among their biggest influences Nahko & Medicine For The People, Dispatch, and Citizen Cope.MP3: “Balance & Purpose“ – A-Mac DZ from , last month, featuring the single, “Please!The band’s new self-titled debut EP features the band’s piano-driven, epic, and sprawling sounds, oozing with melodies and harmonies of indie rock with post rock influences on songs like “Shade,” and the awesome vocal work of bassist John Ptak, who has a mighty vocal range that enhances, not dilutes, the song itself.

Most of the songs were recorded live with additional vocal, guitar and synth overdubs added during mixing.

IRC has been covering the best indie rock artists and bands since 2008 and is well-known in the states and around the world for featuring new, talented, and often, under-the-radar indie rock music from promising artists and bands.

You can submit your music via IRC’s Submission Page.

Thunnder This is the second installment of the Best DIY Music of 2016, with many more to come.


Don’t miss recent posts and playlist with oodles of amazing artists and bands you’ve probably never before.MP3: “Shade“ – March On, Comrade from , comprising memorable tracks like the title track and the captivating, “Balance and Purpose.” The band includes vocalist and guitarist Alex Mackenzie-Low; drummer Matt Mc Elwain; keyboardist Karl Rivers; guitarist Billy Farmer; percussionist Jake Heym, and bassist Robby Sands.


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