Birthdating cells


However the introduction of different immunohistochemically compatible markers now enables multiple subpopulations of newborn neurons to be analyzed in the same animal as in a line-up, revealing the relationships between these subpopulations in response to specific influences or conditions.This review summarizes the current research carried out using these techniques and outlines some of the key applications.These markers can be easily used in conjunction with “birth-marking” labels to determine that the different subpopulations were actually born in the adult brain.

The cells born in the adult dentate gyrus are derived from neural stem cells (NSC; type-1 cells); these cells are either quiescent (a small proportion) or divide slowly, to generate another group of rapidly dividing cells known as intermediate progenitor cells (type-2a cells).The acclaimed working hypothesis that different subpopulations of newborn, differentiating neurons could be playing different roles arouses great interest.Therefore, the physiological and quantitative analysis of neuronal subpopulations at different ages is critical to studies of neurogenesis.The accurate labeling of newborn cells in the adult brain poses a fundamental challenge in the study of adult neurogenesis.

Adult brain neurogenesis is closely linked with learning and memory, and it has also been implicated in anxiety and depression (for recent reviews, see Aimone et al., 2010; Deng et al., 2010).

The protocol involves the administration of the thymidine analog (normally by intraperitoneal injection, and to a lesser extent via drinking water) which incorporates into the dual helix of any cell actively synthesizing DNA during the period the product remains systemically available and active in the body (usually around 2 h or less).


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