Catch him and keep him dating tips


It’s a fascinating look into why men cheat, and how to prevent an affair.What’s the number one reason why married men cheat?Marriage counselor Gary Neuman explains why men cheat – and it’s not because the other woman is more attractive.


Why do married men cheat on their wives, and how can you help prevent your husband or boyfriend from cheating on you? If you suspect your husband is cheating, there are quiet ways to investigate, such as looking at cell phone records or computer histories, or try using an automobile GPS tracking device if necessary.This episode on why married men cheat (the truth about cheating) was aired a few years ago, but the insights are still relevant today.Neuman says men cheat because of: The women men cheat with make them feel valued, secure, and appreciated. “If you want to make men feel secure, make them feel like they’re winning.” The husbands who had affairs said that they felt like they couldn’t win at home or in their marriage.This doesn’t mean it’s your fault – it actually means you have more power than you think in your marriage! Neuman recommends simply saying, “I think you may be cheating.


If you tell me you’re faithful I’ll trust you at your word. But there’s something wrong with us, and I want us to be happy together.” In , Neuman reports the results of a survey of marriage, marital affairs, and cheating spouses.

But first, find out if GPS tracking is legal in your state or province.


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