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In this way the title is also aptly chosen, as each story is like a spark that glows as the reader breathes with it—but then fades quickly away By endowing his poor, uneducated, vulgar, and individually characterized caravan guards with distinct and differing dialects, Wilson forces his readers to stretch their expectations of what is possible when they read secondary-world fantasy.

is a valuable glimpse into a pivotal stage in the development of science fiction theory and critical practice, as well as a fascinating opportunity to watch Delany’s feverishly imaginative, intimidatingly well-read brain at work.

I began to find myself perversely reminded of an old sketch by Stewart Lee and Richard Herring.

Lee’s Jesus is delivering a parable to his disciples, but whenever Herring’s Matthew attempts to unpack one of his metaphors Jesus forestalls him with a beatific “Ahh!

Both Danielewski's fans do and his professional critics consider his work as a particularly intricate key with eyes toward a potential lock; the frame, instead, allows us to situate it on a keyring, and go from there.

(2016), I took the excuse first to reread all the preceding books, and few exercises in revisiting childhood favorites have been so vindicating, so filled with wonder, sorrow, delight, and ultimately joy.


The intrusion from outside does not resolve anything, but rather undoes any possibility of resolution, and it is in that final recognition of doubts and uncertainties that the story ends.shows Watkins striking out at traditional novelistic mores, collaging a story from different genres and refusing to provide us with what conventional wisdom says we want most: a protagonist who does things.Each episode’s mystery is left unsolved, and the grand unifying conspiracy has no satisfying conclusion.How many narratives have we read where the protagonists' survival soothes, if not justifies, other wounds and absences?

If the human species is the protagonist in this story, who or what is everything else?

In other words, my reread merely reflected the books' contents back at me.


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