Dating an hiv positive guy

In recent years there has been a lot of silence around the issue, perhaps because many of our medications today help those infected live long and thriving lives.

I don't advocate paranoia, but naivete can be just as dangerous.

Everyone we talked to prior said that his status would always be the elephant in the room sort to speak. The only reason magnetic couples should have "an elephant in the room" would be that...

Previously, it had been thought SIV was a much younger virus, perhaps only a few hundred years old. I am trying to learn everything I can about this so I can make a proper decision.

HIV or the Human Immunodeficiency Virus can cause AIDS by attacking T-cells within the body, reducing the effectiveness of the immune system.

The solution lies in a wrapper inside the goodie box by the bed.

Guest author RJ Kowalik writes:' I long ago overcame the stigma of being gay.My family is stressed by my situation, but their love never wavers.


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