Dating horor stories

Read a personal account of the liquidation of the Kamionka camp.During the long hike to the "work site," two-legged beasts in handsome human skins struck their charges left and right at random, just for fun.That was all the nourishment one received for 24 hours.



At the slightest hint they leapt at the victim and tore him limb from limb; just as senselessly and randomly as their masters did; just for fun… I observed my friends at this hopeless, disgusting, senseless work, whose only purpose was to torment, and another tragic scene from long ago came to mind: a picture from a history book, masses of broken Jewish slaves in Egypt building cities for Pharaoh.

As soon as they disembarked the trains, they were divided up – women to one side, men to the other. There were over 100 of these medical monsters, including some of the finest doctors from the finest German hospitals. All had sworn a medical oath to uphold medical ethics and to assist humanity. If the decision was "death," then within two or three hours the person’s ashes went up the chimney.


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