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In’s latest evaluation, Bitdefender detected every single threat, including 213 zero-day malware samples and over 20,000 widespread and prevalent malware discovered in the past four weeks.It did pick up a few false positives, but not enough to ding Bitdefender’s Usability score.We’ve been rounding up and evaluating security programs over the past several years and continue to monitor the landscape.Here are the ones we consider the best of the bunch..Once installed, Bitdefender goes into Autopilot mode by default and makes all security related decisions for you.It won’t bother you with popups and alerts, nor does it even ask you to go through and configure its behavior.There’s no handholding here—Bitdefender is confident in its abilities to protect your system without making a fuss.We’re confident in Bitdefender too, both because of own experience throughout the years, and because it continues to do well in independent lab tests.

It adds a layer of security against outside threats, and if you want to be extra cautious, you can call up Bitdefender’s virtual keyboard to protect yourself from keyloggers.For that, you'll still need traditional protection. The good news is there’s an assortment of options out there.As expected, the best ones cost money, though not all paid AV programs are created equal.Virus Total is awesome because it essentially uses all the anti-virus software in available to scan a given file.

All you have to do is choose your file, and boom, let Virus Total scan and spit out a comprehensive report.Among the additional grab bag of goodies is a file shredder that overwrites deleted files so they’re near impossible to restore, the ability to create encrypted folders to keep sensitive files from prying eyes, password syncing among multiple devices, and PC clean-up tools, to name just a few.


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