Girls harare dating

Im tal like wering dress n trouses Like a good caring man. Am I lke spend my time with kids, like to sing and cooking for my beloved one be with him.l am principled and successfull.l dream about a future lover who must be caring and loving and not a trickster trickster.actually am well established in the view of having a happy life with my hubby to be while we conttribute equally towards our up be the best woman ever who believes in working hard and achieve positive goals which relate with happy living.Topface est un service gratuit des connaissances à Harare.Les milliers de jeunes filles seront heureuses de communiquer avec vous: soyez actifs, offrez des sympathies et des compliments, invitez aux rendez-vous!

l believe love is reciprocal and both of us must chip in equally to achieve positive goals.

I am interested in reaching for the less disadvantaged hence have a vision to lead a ministry in that respect.

am of medium height with average body and prefers smart casual wear an Am a 44 year old lady.

life is all about hard work and success to your tune and not to be a burden to a fellow human beingam special in that l fear god so much and am very kind even the society l live in knows.


am very submissive to my hubby to be and will always take my position as a wife, proverbal woman. I love worship and I grew up in Africa in Zimbabwe like gardening Im self employed as a designer Im of medium height and weight I go for casual dressing I need a loving partner who respects my moral values and I also respect his Am a mature lady who is caring n loving, I love children and enjoys to have time with my hubby indoors cuddling watching TV. Am a very hard working lady who does not rely on someone's pocket.


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