Google music mobile not updating


From there, select the first song in your library by clicking on it.Then scroll all the way down to the bottom and, while holding Shift, click on the last song in your collection.It will also create a persistent notification that will show you what percentage of your songs have been downloaded so far, and you can view downloads in the Download Queue under the Settings menu.


Tap the headphones in the upper left to access to menu on the left side and select Playlists.Since I have uploaded my own music to google play I would love to have the main menu music button go straight to the google music addon.More specifically I would like to have a listing with all albums, sorted by artist (artist - album). For foreverguest: Can you make My Library show as Artist-Album? For you all: Is changing of the target of a standard home menu button skin specific or xbmc general?Press the three dot menu button, select Add to playlist, and select New Playlist.

You can name this playlist whatever you want, and then create it.

Under the Playlists header it should say “All Music”.


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