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we watch as pierce manipulates jeff through jeff's insecurities, forcing jeff to sink to pierce's level.

needed a ride home * honey, I thought she was you * boring sex * why, that wasn't there before * where did you come from? – one I can't make outjeff and pierce have danced around each other the entire series, but in this episode, we get a pretty straight forward compare/contrast plot.

doreen is one of his earlier steps on that journey.


she objects to being called a "secretary," but misses the point on why that term might be degrading (and honestly, i think she's a little wrong that it's degrading at all.

to him, doreen is just an object to show how great he is.

he has the insight that jeff is similar to him in this regard, and he uses it to trick jeff into joining him on a double date to the STD fair.

throughout the episode, maturity is connected to how men treat women.

doreen calls jeff out and tells him that he's already too mature for someone as immature as sabrina.she indicates to him that she knows that he is ready for a mature relationship, and that idea will play out a bit later with slater and britta to some degree, and it seems to be part of his motivation for hesitating with annie.


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