Intentional community dating

Food, housing, clothing, medical services, education, and entertainment are distributed freely and fairly.


So they might be able to figure out the identity of the person you are talking about.

We ask people share with us their most intimate details.

You can’t do this unless you feel like the group can maintain your confidences.

No advertising: Transformative festivals like make a big deal out of being non-commercial and largely advertisement free.


For many attendees the break from the constant onslaught of commercial images and invitations to buy things, most of which you don’t want, is a big relief. You can live at Twin Oaks, where if you stay off the internet and don’t read one of the many magazines we collectively subscribe to, you can avoid advertisements indefinitely.This tool invites the users to talk about their different emotional states without worrying about the logical accuracy of their statements. Instead they organize trainings and make sure the needed materials are available and the machines are functioning properly.


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