Interracial dating with asian men privatedating co za

While not as widely discussed as the fetishization of Asian women, it is happening, and it isn’t okay.

Secondly, her racism toward Asian women: While it’s entirely possible that this user could just be a troll at best, the points she makes struck a particular chord with me and likely hundreds to thousands of other enraged Asian women and girls on Tumblr.

Although I was initially flattered, it didn’t take too long for me to feel incredibly uncomfortable and recognize how messed up it was.

Others, however, are quick to point out the race and gender imbalances behind interracial dating.I’ve read them, I’ve shared them, and I’ve spoken out about it.And when I did this, I was bombarded with vitriol from a multiracial coalition of proud Asian fetishizers from my high school.Although it’s obvious that traits such as “pretty colored eyes”, a “banging body”, “spunky and outgoing” personality, and non-abusive households are not limited to white women – for the longest time I felt as if my stereotypically “Asian” features – petite figure, brown eyes, and painfully shy personality made me less than beautiful.


Believe my surprise when senior year of high school came around, most of the guys I knew were suddenly interested in dating (East and Southeast) Asian girls, but for all the wrong reasons.

My Chinese-American ex-boyfriend once pointed out an Asian woman and a white man locking hands as they left a store together in Times Square.


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