Nick jonas really dating delta goodrem


Born and raised in Sydney, New South Wales, she enrolled in dancing, acting, singing and piano classes at a young age.She began her career as a child actress, starring in various television shows and rose to prominence in 2002 in the Australian soap opera Neighbours as Nina Tucker.In 2016, her fifth album, Wings of the Wild, became her fourth number-one album on the ARIA Albums Chart, while giving her another number-one single, "Wings".Goodrem has a total of nine number-one singles and 17 top-ten hits on the ARIA Singles Chart.Take a look at these 10 stars who are famous for their celibacy and tell me which one you identify with the most! Jonas Brothers A few years ago, Nick, Kevin and Joe couldn’t talk enough about their commitment to their purity rings. Jessica Simpson Back before she sold super sexy shoes and clothes, Jessica Simpson was the ultimate good girl, vowing to stay pure until she said “I Do” to long term boyfriend, Nick Lachey only to divorce him a few years later. When you look at this sizzling hunk of boy, do you think his prudishness is a waste…or totally wonderful? Tim Gunn Ok fine he’s not still in possession of his V-card, but the fashion guru recently confessed that he hasn’t had sex in 29 years—and couldn’t be happier! I pity the fool who tries to put the moves on these strong-willed women! Kev got hitched to his long time GF (presumably without going all the way first) but girl-crazy Joe and Nick, who’s new girl Delta Goodrem is 25, have been suspiciously quite about their infamous virginity lately. If virginity is a gift, let’s hope she kept the receipt. Lisa Kudrow Yep, the Friends star refused to go all the way until she married her husband—when she was 32! Don’t you think we should give him a born-again badge? Taylor Lautner In a You Tube interview, the Twilight star revealed that he practices abstinence. Adriana Lima When people find out I was a 21-year-old V, everyone says “We’re you ugly or something? And neither was Victoria’s Secret supermodel Adriana Lima, who dated Derek Jeter and Lenny Kravitz but didn’t do the deed until she married NBA star Marko Jaric…at age 27. ‘It’s as though they are just waiting for my hair to grow back and I will be the same again, as though nothing has happened.But you can’t go through something like this and be the same person at the end.



Her fourth studio album, Child of the Universe (2012), produced the successful single "Sitting on Top of the World".

She has sold over eight million albums globally and won three World Music Awards, 9 ARIA Music Awards, an MTV Video Music Award and several other awards.


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