Parser doesnt support setschema not validating

In this case, you'd probably want the whole thing to map to a single list so that you can retain the order those elements show up in the document.You can do this by putting the same When schemas contain similar looking element/type names, they can result in "Two declarations cause a collision in the Object Factory class" errors.So the first course of action usually is to fix problems in the schema.

The examples are located in the jaxb-ri-install directory.

In the default (strict) mode, you are also limited to using only the binding customizations defined in the specification.

By using the switch.) The syntax of the external binding files is flexible.

Because XML Schema is so complicated, and because there are a lot of tools out there do not implement the spec correctly, it is often the case that a schema you are trying to compile has some real errors in it.

The JAXP RI is one of the most conformant schema validators, and therefore most likely correct.

For more information, see the XML Entity and URI Resolvers document or examine the catalog-resolver sample application. The schema generator processes Java source files only.


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