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To Change the MX Record s SMTP I was a bit lost on getting my system emails (cron, php generated, etc) off the box if they were addressed to the same domain. Anyway, Epoch Wolf in IRC showed me this nice easy solution: ssmtp. Those numbers go in the Extra/Auxiliary data field.Perhaps a mention in your googleapps and mail related articles. The first bit of advice is exactly what Go Daddy told me today 2/22/2008...for the life of me, I can't understand where, here at Slice Host, you find the fields * MX 0 and MX 10. I too, struggled for about half an hour before I finally got mail services working with my email at another provider. One problem I had, was getting the IP address right.If the MX records are correct, the message disappears.If the message remains, the MX records you specified in your hosting provider or domain name system manager may be incorrect.put "smtp." in the data field put "0" in the auxiliary field to make it the mx0 record.(make sure you put a "." at the end of the entry in the "data" field) Then, save. Auxillary Info: 10 TTL: 86400 ============================ Type: MX Name: Auxillary Info: 0 TTL: 86400 We have in house email and i was having some issues getting the email to work properly, i was a bit confused about, and if i needed to create a subdomain or if putting the a record was good enough.If you haven't created a zone for your domain, then refer to this article.


When setting up an email account, you may receive the "pending setup: validating MX record" while the system verifies your email account is using the correct MX records.create a new record put "mailstore1." in the data field. And i had also missed changning the mx record to mail.put "10" in the auxiliary field to make it the mx0 record. If you use an external mail agency (such as fusemail or fastmail), then leave out the A-record creation and point the MX record as directed by your provider.

So, log into the Slice Manager at https://manage.and navigate to the DNS tab: Now click on the 'records' link next to your domain. To use email, we need a Mail Exchange (MX) record so any domain email is sent to the right place (whether that is a mail server on the slice or an external mail provider). The procedure shown below uses a subdomain called 'mail' and the MX record points to that subdomain.


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