Problems in dating older women Virtualsexchat


Thanks to increasingly better living standards, older women can stand their ground in that arena."With better education on health, diet and fitness, and everyone living longer and healthier, women in their 40s, 50s and 60s can still look youthful and feel great,” says Valerie.

"And far from what they’ve been led to believe, sexual desire doesn’t drop off but maintains, just like it does in men."So you might be perfectly matched in the sack, and both look great, but does a 10-, 15- or even 20-year age gap not pose other problems?

But it's not just this acceptance that sees more women dating younger men."They seem more alive, vital, optimistic and enthusiastic," says Valerie. They adore their woman, cherish her, find her interesting. Women reach their sexual peak later in life, so it’s a good match."The Prevention survey echoes this, with 29 per cent of women saying they are attracted to younger men because they have more energy and stamina.

But the main attraction, according to 37 per cent of respondents, was good looks.

"The difficulties faced by couples in these relationships are no different to those faced by anyone in any relationship," says Carolin.

"Age is not the problem, but things like different values, lifestyles, morals, even spending habits, could be." These could be linked to age, but they might also be a result of upbringing, family life or personal habits.


The list of female celebrities dating considerably younger men is growing.

"But this can happen between couples of the same age too.

The biggest problem when dating a younger man is procreation."If he wants to become a father, but she's already raised her children and doesn't want - or is past the age where it's possible - to have more, it could spell the end of the relationship.

She wants a wonderful time with a younger man, but she’s a free spirit who goes her own way."It's that free spirit that attracts younger men. "But in the future such relationships will be acceptable to everyone. For the first time in history older women are taking complete control of their lives.

"When I wrote my book it was primarily the women doing the chasing," says Valerie. If it's built on love, respect and communication, you're on to a winning formula, no matter how old you are. They're seeing that ageing is an exciting adventure with fantastic options - including dating younger men."But now older women are deliberately hunted by younger men. It's not for everyone, but it's wonderful we have the choice."So don't be afraid to try.


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