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Of course, we don’t really notice these details while we are watching the movie.Those only came out later once the home became this HUGE sensation.If you’ve always coveted the look of this room and you would love your own blue and white striped dhurrie, there are lots to be found online. They have striped rugs in every color imaginable, not just blue and white. Scroll back up a couple of pics for a bit better view of that wonderful clock. A view of the room during a big storm that takes place during the movie.I Googled and found these five below at Cottage and Bungalow. A collage isn’t the ideal way to share these; they looked a lot better online at Cottage and Bungalow. (I’m not affiliated with Cottage and Bungalow…just sharing the good stuff when I find it.) Another one of the “stars” of this room is the beautiful Swedish, Mora clock. It’s nighttime now and Erica and Harry have called a truce.But take heart because the interiors are still completely wonderful, inspiring and totally doable! She and Harry don’t hit it off well at all but ironically, he ends up having to stay at her home for several days to convalesce from a near heart attack. Keanu Reeves plays a young doctor, Julian Mercer, and he falls hard for Erica whose work he has always deeply admired. I think one of the reasons we all love it so much is because it feels like a real home.It has that “collected” look as if it has evolved over the years, instead of being “decorated.” The slipcovers also give it that beachy, casual feel, yet the whole room has an air of elegance, too.


In The Skirted Roundtable interview, Beth Rubino says, “The house was the 4th main character in that film.” She is so right.You could see yourself collapsing on one of these sofas after a long day with a bowl of popcorn and a good book or movie.


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