Speed dating in dc area

Maurice*, 48, who is unmarried and lives in Virginia Square, certainly enjoys the panoply of lifestyle options close by.

“Arlington has more things to do and more people available to do things with,” says the IT consultant, who grew up in Montgomery County and lived there before moving to this side of the Potomac 11 years ago. “Northern Virginia is growing rapidly, which means a larger number of older singles are there than in other places.

“That house had become too big, too sad, too lonely,” she recalls. I have come to the realization that it might be enough.

But then I think, I’m much too young to be single the rest of my life.” She has made what she calls “a few feeble attempts” to get into the dating scene.


C.” In fact, the size of the local singles population has led Karlan’s organization to get fairly targeted with its programming.But at times it feels like just another hassle, she says, coupled with grief.Ann*, 46, who works in the wine industry, has similar reservations about digital-age dating, which feels awkward and foreign. Eventually a fix-up would be nice and I would like to be married again.” In the meantime, she and her ex are putting all of their energy into ensuring that their two children feel stable and secure. Finding the time to date can be difficult with kids, she acknowledges, and decisions about how and when to introduce new love interests can be tricky.One recent speed-dating event in Pentagon City was designed specifically for Asian and Indian professionals in their 40s and 50s.

Other events have included speed-dating for travel lovers; another for gay men over 40; a seminar on how to connect instantly at a bar or party; and an evening of music at the Ukrainian Embassy.“Many people find [that being single] is more fun.” Still, for some, the bonanza of choices—from matchmaking sites to every kind of social club imaginable—only makes the prospect of dating more daunting.



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