System data updateexception an error occurred while updating the entries arjun and rati dating

So I have to work with a Oracle database, and for god sake, I hate it so much but then again, I have to work with it... I try to insert a new object into the table and the field that the error pop up say i putting a null value into a not null column, but I actually putting in a short value... Db Update Exception occurred HResult=-2146233087 Message=An error occurred while updating the entries. We've seen a lot of errors showing up in our logs like this. Invalid Operation Exception: The connection was not closed. Run In Transaction(Action query) at Web Backgrounder. Reserve Work(String worker Id, IJob job) at Web Backgrounder. Before the first Invalid Operation Exception in the logs we have a stack trace going through Run In Transaction.


Execute Reader(Boolean requery, Boolean fill Request, Commandbehavior behavior) at Oracle. Execute Non Query() in C:\Users\sam\Desktop\Mini Profiler\Stack Exchange. Execute(Update Translator translator, Entity Connection connection, Dictionary2 identifier Values, List`1 generated Values) at System. Sql Exception: Transaction (Process ID 495) was deadlocked on lock resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim.

On Error(Sql Exception exception, Boolean break Connection, Action1 wrap Close In Action) at System.

On Timer Elapsed(Object sender) The problem scenario is likely that a) first time we run a query we threw an exception b) second time we run a query, the same context item gets reused, but since we already opened the connection for the previous query, boom.


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