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It is called Lying Crooked Hillary.com, and there are soooo many lies on the site!

Just fuckin’ with y’all, there is only one “lie,” and it is Benghazi.

) he will mash his stubby baby fingers against the “send” button in his email account, and when that doesn’t work, he’ll get Ivanka to send the latest Crooked Hillary Lie to the fart-inhaling people who are voting for her daddy. As if Hillary didn’t sit in front of the pervert-lookin’ Gowdy’s House Select Committee On Benghazi for ELEVEN FUCKING HOURS, after which Gowdy leered at a reporter and admitted he’d uncovered no new information.

The site repeats the tired old wingnut fixation on how Hillary knew it was a terrorism attack and wasn’t related to protests over that You Tube video, blah blah blah, and this means she’s a murderer because, because, because … Trey Gowdy admits nothing more could have been done to stop the attacks.

Using "Crocker" as a stage name, he kept his exact location private due to safety concerns and death threats in response to his You Tube and Myspace video blogs and profile until he was no longer a teenager.

But his own comedy definitely tends toward darkness.One source is quoted in the report saying: “Anderson was concerned about Corey’s nondisclosure agreement with Trump.And whether CNN should point out he has one.” The Post adds: “Lewandowski’s legally prevented from criticizing Trump, and CNN technically should announce that to viewers ahead of each appearance.But a CNN rep insisted Cooper’s chilly reception of Lewandowski was ‘not true,’ adding that on Tuesday night, ‘Corey was in fact booked on [Cooper’s show] “AC360” …

but the panel was bumped due to breaking news out of Turkey.’” The nondisclosure agreement has also reportedly cost Lewandowski a book deal with Harper Collins.

He’s a member of the long-running punk sketch group Murderfist, who kick off every show with the announcement, “We are Murderfist and we are here to fuck you!



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