Tea party harmony dating

held by the Northern New Jersey Wedding and Event Professionals group!

Beautifully planned by AART Event Planning and Luxe Events NJ, the shower was held at the Harmony Tea Room in NJ, the perfect place for a tea themed affair.

I’m a big fan of Stephanie Miller’s radio show in Los Angeles, and Rocky Mountain Mike has been doing bits on this show.

I sent him an email through the show, and it got to Mike. Parodies, especially good parodies, have indeed become unique due to the level of creativity it takes to write and produce them.

We believe other talk show hosts, no matter what side of the political aisle they stand on will like Politically Incoherent, and so will their listeners,” says Hardeman.

Hardeman also believes the levity that his parodies bring can also help to smooth out some of the rougher edges and more politicized talk radio. I’m afraid of brown people,” as the narrator chimes in “There’s no such thing as nuance at Tea Party Harmony.” Another is their popular parody called “Con Star,” which spoofs politics and the use of the On Star device in cars that allows people who are driving with their low-information passenger to press a button for immediate assistance.

Hardeman, who credits the writing and comedy of Ernie Kovacs, George Carlin, The Firesign Theater and Saturday Night Live, found a fan of his work in Blonstein (pictured at right), who allowed through his music company a platform for Hardeman to produce his parodies.

“Évery once in awhile I get the yen to get involved in something unique, something that piques my interest.


Hardeman’s humor has also been featured on the syndicated Thom Hartmann Show.“We had two years worth of bits, but we wanted to make sure everything was timely.” “A lot of the bits have a short shelf life.A number of parodies about the 2012 election we didn’t use because they’re dated.You don’t really hear much political satire on the radio these days, but that may change.

A longtime radio host and producer has joined forces with a longtime entertainment industry executive to put together a political comedy CD that has hit the top of the comedy CD charts in just the initial two weeks of release.Following a release during the second week of October says Blonstein, “Politically Incoherent” leaped to #3 on the Comedy Chart, #2 on Amazon.com’s Comedy list and #1 on i Tunes Comedy.



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