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The arguments presented by these sources (even if they were correct) do not have any relevance whatsoever to cellular biology or the theory of evolution.It must be noted that Comfort, and several of his sources, deliberately and maliciously confuse the theory of evolution with abiogenesis and cosmology, the fields that address the origin of life and/or the origin of the universe.5), many of these quotes come from men who are not qualified biologists or any other relevant fields (or even qualified scientists at all).Throughout this review of the book, every quote mine will be pointed out and revealed, as well as every instance when the person is not a biologist or a scientist.Regardless, none of these men are “evolutionary experts” who submit their papers to academic sources for peer review – rather, they are all tired, old rants that have been addressed countless times, but these religious men continue to kick the dead horse.This is regarding references that actually DO address relevant fields such as cellular biology, genetics, taxonomy and paleontology.Next, we must check to see if the sources are coming from credible scientists.Despite Comfort's claim that he would be using quotes from "evolutionary experts" (Introduction, pg.


While other quotes may be legitimate, they come from creationists or are not even addressing the theory of evolutionary all.Evolution: A Fairy Tale for Grownups is a book authored by Ray Comfort, published in 2008.


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