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The Crème de la Crème of the business world, politicians and celebrities have already discovered that this was that right formula for them! This weekend we met up again and we really did just click, we have many shared interests and can talk for ages whilst enjoying each other’s company.

A team of researchers has recently unearthed an ancient city among the hills of Vlochós in Greece.

Situated in what was once called the “backwater of the ancient world”, the remains of the now-ruined city were found near the village of Vlochós, some 300 km from the capital city of Athens.


But they're enjoying VIP dating activities such as the White House Correspondents Dinner and joining Taylor Swift on stage, so they're definitely making the most of their time together.

The evidence, which dates back to around 500 BC, offers valuable insights in the country’s ancient past.

The research was conducted as part of the Vlochós Archaeological Project (VLAP) by archaeologists from the Swedish Institute at Athens, the University of Gothenburg and the Karditsa archaeological service.

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