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Israël said Arianespace is poised to win more than half of the large commercial launch competitions this year.Last year, Arianespace and rival Space X were evenly matched in launch contract wins.Arianespace chief executive Stéphane Israël recently discussed his company’s outlook with Spaceflight Now, touching on the light-class Vega rocket’s business prospects, the launch manifest in 2016, Arianespace’s view of innovation in the launch marketplace, and how the company plans to compete in the coming decade.Based near Paris with majority ownership by Airbus Safran Launchers, Arianespace is on the cusp of achieving 12 launches this year, the highest annual mark for the company since 2002.So in terms of duration of the mission, in terms of orbit, it was for Vega yet another demonstration of its versatility.We have now demonstrated a wide range of missions with Vega.



On the next Sentinel, it will be a multi-payload mission with Soyuz.I must say not only in terms of orbit, but in terms also of configuration, because if you take the first two missions of Vega, the configuration was with multiple payloads.


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