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When the two repairmen arrived,one was a white man of about sixty,balding,pudgy with tattoos up both hairy arms.The other was a black dude who appeared to be in his early thirties,with a powerful looking body.A guy who was horny and couldn't wait to see some hot pics.

He and his wife Pam lived in an upper middle class white neighborhood.Not that was addicted or anything but she liked to look good,so her nails were always just right and usually tipped with a pink color which she said matched her nipples. In all those years Charles had had a burning desire to see his wife have sex with another man.For a long time he thought he was the only man who felt that way and shamefully kept it to himself.As a result he never mentioned the subject to Pam,but couldn't help but wonder how she would have responded if he had. She'd proven that by being a willing bed partner just about any time Charles had wanted,sometimes even initiating it herself.

She had also allowed him to indulge his passion for photographing her in scanty outfits and,from time to time,nude.She also attributed the fact that her 38c breasts had very little sag to them ,to her regimen of exercise.



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