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By the time these counties had evolved within the duchy of Normandy, Norman central administration was so firmly established in the heart of the duchy that the original pagi had, in most cases, become something of an irrelevance in the establishment of county boundaries.The following information relating to the pagi in Normandy has been extracted from Auguste Le Prvosts study written in the mid-19th century In addition to the prominent noble families in Normandy which are shown in this document, there was a multititude of nobles of a lower order in Normandy, and even non-nobles, whose descendants emerged as powerful forces in the overseas territories which the Normans later conquered, in particular England and southern Italy.

His eldest son Jean received his fathers Norman lands, including the lordship of Alenon which came into the family from his paternal great-grandmother.

The earliest counties in Normandy were granted by the dukes as appanages to junior members of their family: Robert Bishop of Evreux, younger son of Richard I Duke of Normandy, was invested with the county of Evreux in the late 10th century by his father (see Chapter 9); the counties of Eu and Himois were granted to Roberts illegitimate half-brothers Geoffroy and Guillaume by their other half-brother Duke Richard II (Chapter 8); and the county of Talou was granted in the mid-11th century by Duke Guillaume II to his uncle Guillaume, who transformed the territory into the county of Arques after constructing the castle of that name on his land, although no further counts are recorded as he died childless.

The Norman counties were not co-extensive with the earlier pagi into which the territory of the future Norman duchy had previously been divided.

The other Norman counties developed close to the borders of, or even outside, the territory of the duchy of Normandy.

The county of Alenon (Chapter 1) was located in the south of the duchy, close to the border with Maine.of the West Franks granted land around Rouen to Viking raiders in [911], the territory evolving over the following century into the duchy of Normandy.



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