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If Leona still loves her ex, then why was she entertaining a possible romance with Liam? Leona also admitted that she has not given up on love: “Don’t get me wrong. I’m one of those people who falls in love so quickly.” Danielle, keep a firm hold of your man!

The last time we heard from Leona Lewis, X Factor winner turned global superstar, she was in extremis.

It’s not that she has recovered from her depression, but more a case that she now denies she was ever depressed – at least technically – in the first place.

Lewis describes herself as having “highs and lows” brought on by circumstance, not a clinical illness.

I was astonished at the huge reaction the letter generated.” Today, Lewis, who turned 30 in April, has a new single (Fire Under My Feet) and album (I Am) on a new label (Island Records) to promote.


I have a best friend who has severe depression, who takes medication and still struggles, so I know how bad it can be.

When it came to her next release, her management mooted an album of Motown-inspired covers. Disillusioned and dismayed that her (swooping mezzo-soprano) voice had been lost in a chorus of new signings, she felt she was no longer being heard.

“My head was in a different space – I really wanted to do my own songs,” Lewis says as Stella’s east-London shoot winds down. At first they didn’t want me to go, and rumours were being put out that I was dropped, which was very upsetting.” As attested by her open letter, leaving was far from an easy decision.

In retrospect, frustrated and anxious might have been better terms to use, but she declines (and I do mean declines) to dwell on it.

• Leona Lewis' biggest moments: from X factor auditionee to superstar - in pictures “I did not suffer from depression,” she says firmly.

Coming to terms with a painful break-up last September, she wrote a letter to the world across two pages of a notebook and posted pictures of it on Twitter.



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