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” DYNAMIC DUO: Johnson (right) and Llewella Gideon were in many scenes together “We met on a production at The Albany in Deptford in 1989.

We formed a double act and we came into this business together.

Fellow Real Mc Coy performer Llewella Gideon, with whom Johnson teamed up in the ‘80s, forming the double act Short, Sharp and Shocking, told The Voice: “I last saw Collette a couple of years ago,” Gideon said of her former colleague, who had also suffered from multiple sclerosis.

” STONY: Johnson’s character, miserable newsreader Collette Johnson made her first foray into the world of entertainment in the 1980s via the Second Wave Youth Arts Centre in Deptford.

So we really began our journey together.” MEMORIES: Curtis Walker said Johnson was a “real spirit” in his life Johnson’s good friend, singer, songwriter and playwright JB Rose, who also met the comic at Second Wave Youth Arts Centre in 1983, told The Voice: “Collette was a unique individual; sharp, witty and very learned.

Her comedy came from so many sources and she was so aware of her surroundings.

So many people have to go to comedy school to learn to be a comedian, but Collette had a unique perception of life that gave her a very individual style of comedy.

“She was also very loyal and she’d always shoot from the hip.

“My memories of her go right back to Short, Sharp and Shocking; the double act she had with Llewella. ” Muhammad added: “But she was a good actress and she was a significant part of the team.



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